the activity, the preparation and folding of towel s, and the status

the activity, the preparation and folding of towel s, and the status

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Bath towels and slippers: Bath towels and slippers are essential items for swimmers. Go ashore after the interval or after swimming, dry your body with towels, sports swimming pool, put on bath towels and slippers, which can not only keep warm, prevent colds, but also be more hygienic. In winter swimming, it is even more indispensable.

3. Towel and Water Bottle:

The utilization rate is relatively high, the baby needs to be used when swimming and bathing, but when the towel is covered, it can be spread everywhere for children to use, and it is easy to carry when going out. Choose bath towels with strong water absorption and good softness.

After passing the FSC international forest system management certification and obtaining the FSC-COC industry supervision chain certification, Iffenda recently passed the GRS global recycling standard certification, adding protection for the green protection of electric towel rack products and taking another huge step on the road of sustainable development.

After the activity, Kang Jingjing, the security director, and the head teachers made detailed comments and summaries from the familiarity of the route before the activity, the preparation and folding of towels, and the status of teachers and children during the exercise.

Apply aloe juice to the scalp, wrap the head in a towel, take it away after a few minutes, and then rinse the scalp and hair. The dandruff is gone, the scalp is not itchy, and even the hair is getting better

Rush-cool down. Immediately after scald should be washed with cold water or cold compress (ice can be added water, do not directly ice ice compress to avoid frostbite), can reduce the spread of heat and avoid further damage. Take off-debridement. After rinsing and soaking, take off the clothes on the affected area. If the wound adheres to the clothing, carefully cut the clothing around the affected area with scissors. Do not tear it forcefully. Soak-relieve the pain. Cool the wound with flowing cold water until the pain is eliminated, but the time should not be too long to prevent the wound from soaking. Cover-cover. If there is sterile gauze at home, you can cover the affected area with gauze to avoid silk catkins and dust. If there is no gauze, clean and dry towels can also be replaced, but do not cover with wool or floc to avoid adhesion. Send– see a doctor. After the above emergency measures are done, they will be sent to the hospital immediately.

If our towels harden for a long time, we can wash them clean and reuse them. The cleaning method of many friends is to put it in cold water and rub it casually.

When there is a fire, if we are besieged by a fire, especially if we are trapped upstairs, we should call 119 fire alarm and wait for rescue. In the process of waiting, you should also take the way of self-help. If the fire is not big, wet quilts, blankets, etc., put on the body and rush out of the fire. At this time, should be prompt decision, do not hesitate, but also to calm down, so as not to burn more and more serious, miss the opportunity to escape. If you are trapped and there is a lot of smoke around you, it can be more frightening than or worse. Because the smoke contains a large number of toxic gases, if it is not prevented, it will be fumigated by toxic and harmful smoke, which is often the cause of the highest death rate in fire accidents. If you must rush out of the smoke zone, you must cover your mouth and nose with wet towels and rush out as close to the ground as possible.

Remind the general public that swimming and playing with water must choose regular swimming places with qualified water quality and wash their bodies before swimming. Wear swimming cap and goggles when swimming, try to avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands, do not swallow pool water, and do not share towels and bath towels with others. Wash your body and gargle with flowing clean water in time after swimming to reduce the chance of virus infection.

As we all know, the infection of condyloma acuminatum is relatively strong, it is a kind of skin venereal disease which is mainly transmitted through sexual contact. Especially between husband and wife, it is easy to cause cross-infection as a result of sexual behavior. Secondly, a small number of people may be infected by the use of bath towels, towels, toilets and other items used by other condyloma acuminatum patients or HPV carriers. It is precisely because of its strong infectivity, it also makes many patients panic. I am very nervous during treatment and nursing, and sometimes my hands will accidentally touch the affected area. So, can condyloma acuminatum be contagious by hand? Let me give you a brief introduction to science on this question.