example, if the toy is under the towel , the child can

example, if the toy is under the towel , the child can

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The temperature inside the car rises De, at the same time, there is another annoying De thing. The dry climate itself in winter, coupled with the heating, will make the air in the car drier, for Ms. Amy De, dry skin has become a major problem, and dry De air is also easy to produce static electricity in the car, which is very uncomfortable. In this regard, experts suggest that the heating inside the car should not first blow the air outlet at the person, so it is easier to dry the skin; secondly, it is recommended to half-open the window to make the air circulate inevitably; the car can use a car moisturizer, and the more simple De moisturizing method is to spread a wet towel on the dashboard; other peacetime to drink more water, use less cosmetics, and so on.

After washing your hair, you should be careful not to rub your hair violently with towels before blowing your hair, which will damage the hair quality. When blowing your hair, you must blow your hair with your head down, because blowing your hair with your head down can follow the direction in which the hair scales grow, without destroying the hair scales of the hair epidermis, the more smooth and shiny the hair will look!

Can use some soft small items to replace the comfort of parents, such as some small towels, quilts and so on. My son liked to go to sleep with his little quilt when he was young. That little quilt was used when he was born, he is very familiar with things, help him with this quilt, he will know it is time to go to bed.

The mother gives the child sense of security adequately, the value of breast milk is not only nutrition, but also the source of sense of security. Company at the age of 3, especially at night. The topic is permanent thinking-for example, if the toy is under the towel, the child can take the towel away if he knows he wants to play. Is the subject of permanent thinking

2. Pleasing to the eye, many car dashboards are made of hard plastic, and even the soft materials are basically black and depressing. Drivers of some operating vehicles stay in the car all day, laying a towel to add color can make the cab feel warmer.

At the scene of the event, the third-party company of the Gaochun District Urban Administration Bureau and the garbage sorting supervisor sent cool supplies such as mosquito incense, toilet water and towels to the 15 garbage classification supervisors in the area. At the same time, they expressed their gratitude and affirmation for their hard work in the hot temperature, and urged them to pay attention to their own health, sunscreen, heat prevention and cooling work to prevent heatstroke. It is understood that the follow-up third-party companies will send condolences to all garbage sorting supervisors in the region.