that the qualified rate of toys, tableware, towel s and air is

that the qualified rate of toys, tableware, towel s and air is

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The bathroom is easy to accumulate humidity, good ventilation design is very important, choose a bright bathroom with windows is better. The dark guard is equipped with a ventilation fan with good ventilation to avoid moldy and long hair in the bathroom. The layout of toilet decoration is reasonable, such as distinguishing between dry and non-dry areas, which is convenient for daily use and storage of towels, bath towels, toilet paper and other items.

Communicate with the work, there is not much money in August, plan subsidy invoice all have to do it well, and then buy more than N things, fried fish, hot pot, sesame oil, pepper oil, chilli oil, chili noodles, ice cream, tender meat powder, pepper, fans, towels two, big fish, Coke Sprite, green tea, quickly do the card, next week to do it, no, go today, food frozen products have wonton, eggs Chicken claws and duck claws are rich in collagen and other things, as well as apples, the kind of crispy apples.

Someone may have said, then I just take a wet towel and expose it to the sun every day. Of course, but the downside is that exposed towels will change from soft to stiff, experience worse, and the service life of towels will be shorter. And it is not every day there can be a big sun, especially in the rainy weather, the daylight at home is not enough to dry, it will also make towels breed. However, electric towel racks can avoid these situations.

The installation error of the toilet is generally divided into: the outlet at the bottom is not aligned with the outlet, the screw hole at the bottom of the toilet is completely sealed, and the water level of the toilet tank is not high enough to affect flushing. Slight clogging of the toilet is generally caused by toilet paper or sanitary napkins, towel rags, etc., which can be dredged by the direct use of pipe dredging machines or simple dredging tools.

The monitoring results show that the qualified rate of toys, tableware, towels and air is high, but the qualified rate of hands of staff is relatively low. the analysis of the reason: the low qualified rate of hands of staff may be related to the lack of awareness of staff members, lack of frequent hand washing or lack of proper hand cleaning methods.

Safety is a prerequisite for the beginning of the school year. Students are required to wear masks to and from school every day after the start of the school year. Except for PE classes that do not need to wear masks within a safe distance, they are still required to wear masks during the rest of class. Therefore, parents should bring their children several masks that meet the standard of disposable medical masks or equivalent protection levels for students to replace. In addition, free hand sanitizer, clean wipes, paper towels, warm rice buckets, drinking water and so on are also items to be prepared before the start of school. Because of the special period, the school carries on the completely closed management, the students can not leave the school at noon, all the teachers and students of the school bring their own lunch. Therefore, parents need to prepare warm buckets for their children and bring their own lunch and a certain amount of drinking water every day.