went straight to the nearby beach to play in the water. The child prepared

went straight to the nearby beach to play in the water. The child prepared

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The two families had so many things on the beach that I thoughtlessly stuffed all kinds of sand digging toys, shoes and towels into big bags, three or four large backpacks, plus a tent.

It is understood that the towel industry in Chenjiazhuang Village and its surrounding areas is developed, but the towel industry is facing the situation of equipment upgrading and shortage of production and operation funds. In order to solve the problem of funds in this industry, the bank launched the characteristic credit product “Xinyi loan”, which is mainly used for the upgrading of equipment in the towel industry and the use of working capital for production and operation. Up to now, the bank has issued 13 credit and joint guarantee loans of 8.75 million yuan to four villages within its jurisdiction, namely, Beach Village, Chenjiazhuang Village, Sitou Village and Yan Village, effectively promoting the healthy development of the towel industry.

Absorbent towels are UV resistant, green and environmentally friendly. Other bath towels are extremely popular abroad as beach towels are used on the beach when traveling to the beach and put on the body after swimming as decorations, while plain bath towels

Gray-Gray is absolutely indispensable in the trend of popular color of the floor. Gray is very classic and ranks first in the popular color of the floor at any time. Like to use gray, must be at the forefront of the trend of fashionistas! Dark wood color-the color of the wood itself, gentle yet elegant ~ low-key connotation, calm temperament, give people a unique charm of visual enjoyment. People who love dark wood color must be low-key and tasteful. Sand color-between beige and khaki, will make the space brighter, such as the white beach of Maldives, the yellow sand of the Sahara Desert, giving people a sense of comfort, people who like sand color are definitely social talents!

In terms of interior decoration, the interior design of the collection version of the Phantom Land Speed incorporates the characteristics of Bonneville Salt Beach. Among them, the car dashboard and center console wood trim panel added small cracks, the surface has also been digitally restored, the visual effect is like the dry land of Bonneville salt flat. At the same time, the front panel of the car uses polished anodic alumina, which also echoes the design of the Thunderbolt. In addition, the car is carved with the outline of the Bonneville Silver Island Mountains on the back seat.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, there is also a beach on the island, we can go to the south beach to enjoy some quiet, you can take a free shuttle to this ultra-private beach. Here, you can rent a beach bungalow for about $200, each of which can accommodate six guests, including two floating mats, a cold bottled water and beach towels, and a five-minute walk to the floating bar outside the beach. If you want to be alone and feel like you are really on a private island, then South Beach may be your favorite perfect!

went straight to the nearby beach to play in the water. The child prepared

Japanese Amazon Amazon purchase scene is more inclined to men, category distribution is very different from Rakuten. The outdoor categories of Amazon in Japan are mainly divided into the following subcategories: personal care, thermal bags, ice bags, tents and accessories, outdoor furniture, outdoor bedding, outdoor clothing footwear and accessories, outdoor cooking utensils, outdoor picnic mats, kettle purifiers, beach umbrellas, beach awnings, lamps, picnic blankets, camping, hiking, ranking first is sweatshirts. Followed by hiking staff, camping mat, outdoor water cup, insulation bag, tent pole lamp and other products, Japan and Rakuten ranking list is quite different, and has distinct platform characteristics.

Water and towels. Nanhui Beach is mostly wild beaches, and there are no toilets or flushing places. Although there are in Guanhai Park in Nanhuizui, you have to wait in line for a long time when it is crowded. It is best to bring one or two large bottles of water for flushing.

After dinner, I went straight to the nearby beach to play in the water. The child prepared swimsuits, towels and so on in advance to make it easier to get wet and changed. There are really a lot of people on the beach, and this beach is very long. For fear of damaging the camera, all the photos on the beach are taken only with mobile phones.